KareerKraft is a Human Resource Consultant organization offering recruitment services to rapidly expanding multinational firms in India.
Established in 2007, we are backed by over 45 man years of experience, contentment and confidence of our clients, spanning the entire cross section of Industries & functions.
Employing an innovative approach to human capital services, our mission is to develop a long-term strategic partnership with our clients and to assist them to recruit, train and retain their most important assets - their people.
We strongly believe in delivering quality and have incorporated robust processes to ensure that we deliver of consistent quality.
We are committed to our client’s success entrusting them with quality of our service.


Our Self Commitments

Quality and perfection in each and every assignment undertaken delivering consistently reliable quality of selection. We focus on providing practical people-oriented solutions to the problems faced by growing companies in all market segments.
We optimize human potential and maximize the engagement of clients by providing superior services and solutions for understanding, acquiring, developing, retaining human resources and thus increase profits for our clients.


Our Edge
(Known by clients as Value Driven – worthy of trust, confidentiality and dependability)

Strong partnership built with clients to understand them and their requirements clearly before we start working on assignments
We establish client relationships carefully, study their corporate cultures thoroughly and analyze candidate profiles rigorously to ensure cultural compatibility and a successful match.
KareerKraft has a strong search team, rich domain knowledge and an exhaustive Talent Databank of active professionals which is validated and updated regularly to keep it superlative.
We evaluate candidates looking at their personal and professional qualifications, potential for long-term contribution, ability to produce results and compatibility with the corporate culture.
Infusing the motivations by Strong business understanding and skill set mapping, especially for senior positions.
Methodical, comprehensive and targeted approach to try to surpass the expectations of two stakeholders, the companies and the candidates.
Trained professionals for respective industries, Rich and high profile client base that gives us the capability of handling diverse industry searches.
We have experts tracking businesses and industries across sectors like Infrastructure & Construction, Software & IT Solutions, Telecom, Manufacturing and Logistics, Consumer, Food & Retail, Pharmaceutical and Chemical, Banking and Financial Services etc.
Kareerkraft’s process is methodical, comprehensive and targeted, resulting in quality resumes that match your requirements accurately and ensuring timely value inductions.
We have a wide network of top level professionals and know where to find leadership talent. We work as a team, with our clients, perfecting all spheres of knowledge, technologies, skills, industries and countries.

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